We are 100% committed to offering companies dependable message transport, extensive geographic coverage and accurate financial settlement. We use a leading backbone infrastructure and several leading carriers to power our services.


Our platform is an mobile solution provisioning, billing and reporting solution. AMS enables mobile network operators, portals, publishers and retailers to offer a comprehensive and cost-effective mobile content delivery service. Our solutions are constantly evolving. Therefore, customers don't have to worry about technology or compatibility issues. All forms of mobile content, from tones to video clips are supported by the platform. Real time reporting is available through a secure adminstration. A variety of filters are included to enable detailed tracking of user activity and popular downloads.

Well Connected

Our services are entirely transparent. Any service can be fully branded to suit the customer's required look and feel. Standard templates are also available to speed up deployments.

Content management

Compare us with all other messaging providers before you sign a contract. Our connectivity is second to none. Companies rely on us because:

1. Our authority and influence in the mobile marketplace is upheld.

2. We maintain an extensive selection of inbound and outbound messaging delivery services which give companies messaging options and enhancements not found elsewhere.

3. We have the resources and infrastructure expertise to solve all messaging requirements.