The Mobile Enable solution gives websites the possibility to charge for access and content using Micro-payment technology; SMS, Phone and Credit Card. Now enabled across:

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End users are charged via their mobile phone bill. mENABLE enables websites to a profitable business model, as well as the possibility to charge end users for low-high value services.

Not every customer has a credit card, however practically everyone has a mobile / cellphone! Being a micro-billing mechanism, this is an ideal way to offer a 'sneek peek' or trial membership. End users will embrace it as it's quick, easy and anonymous. You can offer a new revenue stream with no chargebacks! This way, your 'tour takers' who never converted before will actually become paying customers…

Menable can be used by:

Webmasters offering premium content or services.

Internet Service Providers (ISP's).

Online merchants

General services such as members areas, adult key pass, webcams and downloading of adult mobile content (wallpapers and videos).

mENABLE is the new secure and simple way to pay for Internet content and services.
Try this awesome billing solution today on your adult website! To find out more about mENABLE, contact us.