Premium SMS has become the accepted micro-billing solution on the European market and is now available all over the world. SMS Billing is the fastest growing way to pay. The SMS payment service allows you to charge your customers via their mobile phone in more then 30 countries! Your visitors simply send an SMS to a local short code number and are charged via premium rate SMS by their mobile network operator.

"SMS popularity can be attributed to the fact that it's direct and immediate."

Marc Jarrett, Sales Director

How does it work?

When your visitor tries to access your pay-zone (the content you want to bill for), a payment interface displays a local short code number for SMS.

Your visitor simply sends an SMS to the featured number and instantly receives an access code back by SMS. Your customer types the access code into the payment window and accesses the content

What do I earn?

The highest payouts of any global SMS Payment system! We pay you automatically and conveniently. Start accepting payments from mobile (cell) phone users as soon as today!