Bill your visitors in more than 210 countries via our WAP Payment service.

End-Users are charged via access to your WAP site. The process is the same as for SMS payments - users are charged on access to their mobile phone bill. Compatible with WML driven sites and Pocket PC's.

"We believe consumers of adult content are fed-up with expensive dialler programs and endless demands for their email address, billing address and credit card details."

Alvin Pratt, Private Group

How does it work?

When your visitor tries to access your WAP Pay Zone (the content you want to bill for), a payment interface displays a link to pay for the WAP site services or content.

Main features of our WAP Billing include

Automatically detect phones that support the billing (95%) then bills.
One click-action to bill for access, membership or content.

What do I earn?

The highest payouts of any global WAP Payment system! We pay you automatically and conveniently.