Get your own mobile. WAP site. A fully branded, white labelled solution for all webmasters looking to mobilise.*

*All webmasters with web based content and services can now get a mobile. (WAP) site - a turnkey solution, that includes the high converting WAP billing.


While creating our WAP product we thoroughly studied a lot of customer cases and developed highly customisable, easy-to-use solution which allows you to benefit from using it in just minutes.

Among main features of the White Label WAP solution are:

Patent pending search engine allows to search millions of thumbnails.
Automated image transcoding and adaptive delivery of graphical content.
Image preview with Smart Select™ system.
Text Chat with Audio and Video (.3gp) Support.
WAP and I-Mode compliance.
Support for wide selection of graphical formats (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, WBMP).
Automated image transform (scale, rotation, resize, crop).
Full image delivery infrastructure for mobile content including download restrictions, counters, statistics, etc.
Highly scaleable architecture capable of serving millions users simultaneously.

Smart Select™ allows users to preview and customise graphical content on the WAP site before downloading it to their mobile phone.

Main features of Smart Select™ include:

Innovative and highly usable user interface.
Menu driven images edit and download for mobile phones.
User may zoom, rotate, shift image with his/her mobile phone before downloading.
Smart Select™
supports various image formats including JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and WBMP.
Single Wap implementation for thousands models of mobile phones.

Our Search technology allows your visitors to search millions of thumbnails directly from their mobile phone. This technology also demonstrates how our sophisticated blend of new technologies are used to deliver quality services to mobile users.

Main features of our Search technology include:

Search images and video with thumbnails.
Powerful search algorithm updated daily.

Main features of our WAP Billing include:

Automatically detect phones that support the billing (95%) then bill.
One click-action to bill for access, membership and content.

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